A Landmark Supporter: Niagara Falls Goes Green and Gold for the Packers

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Niagara Falls at Night

One of the U.S.’s national treasures is taking sides in this year’s Super Bowl.

Green Bay Packers running back James Starks hails from Niagara Falls, N.Y. and was a high school football star in the town, so it’s no shock his hometown will be rooting for him and his team in tonight’s Super Bowl.

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And to show their support, they’ll be drenching the town’s namesake, Niagara Falls, in the classic Green and Gold of the Green Bay Packers. “I figure, the lights are on anyway, why not tweak those colors a little bit – power has its privileges!” Mayor Paul Dyster told a local news organization.

The lights often change colors and can appear in a rainbow selection, so for tonight at least, the Falls will promote the Packers. And with all the support flowing through the town, they are without a doubt hopeful that Starks can bring a championship ring back to his hometown.