All Hail the Green and Gold: 19-Year-Old Spreading the Packers Pride in Texas

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Courtesy Sean Gregory

Walking the grounds of Super Bowl XLV, I bumped into the 19-year-old with a heart of green and gold.

Live from Arlington, Texas: As you loyal Newsfeed readers are already well aware, our Newsfeeder-in-Chief really, really adores all things Packers. As the fair, balanced correspondent on the ground at Super Bowl XLV, I’m just rooting for a good game.

That said, after bumping into this guy (above) outside the $1.3 billion Cowboys Stadium, I was reminded: The Packers are indeed a pretty nifty franchise, and it never hurts to see them win.

This is Jimmy Kazlausky, 19, a student at the University of New Haven. Jimmy hails from New York City, Queens in particular. He has no ties to Green Bay, whatsoever.

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Jimmy from Queens is the kind of kid who should be screaming on New York City sports radio, ripping the New York Jets. But when he was six, ┬áKazlausky’s uncle, also a Packers fan, bought him a $300 share of the team. So like so many members of Cheesehead nation, he was hooked on the green and gold.

And now he’s shirtless at the Super Bowl, donning headgear that Wall Street investors should sport (though dunce caps, not cheese, would probably be more appropriate for those guys). I asked Kazlausky what’s going to happen if the Packers win. His reply: “A lot of underage drinking.”

Newsfeed would never encourage inappropriate behavior. But if Green Bay wins … cheers.

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