Beliebe It: Justin Bieber Woos Dana Carvey’s “Church Lady” on SNL

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Bieber stayed up past his bedtime last night to visit 30 Rock in promotion of his new movie and found himself in a skit that premiered long before his time. But he still managed to have quite a profound effect on the host.

Dana Carvey’s “Church Lady” was resurrected last night, and she certainly has passed over a lot of celebrity sinners in her years off-air. But our dear friend was back on her holier-than-thou track on this week’s Saturday Night Live to dish out a healthy dose of repentance to the likes of the Kardashians and Snooki.

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However, when Justin Bieber – in his true form – appeared, Church Lady was faced with temptation of her own. Looks like the Biebster has the power to win over the ladies young and old. Isn’t that SPECIAL?

But Church Lady was, in the end, able to push down those feelings in her “naughty parts”. Though NewsFeed wonders if the Superior Dance at the end was, perhaps, not so warranted for the Church Lady.

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Hopefully Justin’s Belieber fanatics were all asleep by the time the segment aired so he won’t garner any death threats for his wooing of Church Lady.