Craving Pinot With Your Pigskin? Wine and Dine Your Super Bowl Party Today

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Beer is the sudsy standard when it comes to football, but if you’re so inclined, you could class up your celebration with a bottle of wine.

Even if you decide to serve vino at your Super Bowl party, you’ll have to stick with the standard Super Bowl staple foods – that means anything salty, messy, and generally unhealthy. So which vintages go great with the classic snacks?

Pizza: a peppery red Syrah is recommended to go along with the pie’s acidic tomato sauce.

Wings: a chilled, slightly sweet Riesling white wine can help tame the fuel of even the spiciest wing.

Chili: a fruity Zinfandel can bring out some of the distinct flavors of a belly-filling bowl of chili

Potato Chips: while you’re stuffing your face during the game with a bag of Ruffles, temper the salty with a bit of bubbly. Plus, you’ll add an air of class to snacking when you have a champagne flute in one hand.

For the whole list, check out Slashfood.