Craving Pinot With Your Pigskin? Wine and Dine Your Super Bowl Party Today

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Beer is the sudsy standard when it comes to football, but if you’re so inclined, you could class up your celebration with a bottle of wine.

Even if you decide to serve vino at your Super Bowl party, you’ll have to stick with the standard Super Bowl staple foods – that means anything salty, messy, and generally unhealthy. So which vintages go great with the classic snacks?

Pizza: a peppery red Syrah is recommended to go along with the pie’s acidic tomato sauce.

Wings: a chilled, slightly sweet Riesling white wine can help tame the fuel of even the spiciest wing.

Chili: a fruity Zinfandel can bring out some of the distinct flavors of a belly-filling bowl of chili

Potato Chips: while you’re stuffing your face during the game with a bag of Ruffles, temper the salty with a bit of bubbly. Plus, you’ll add an air of class to snacking when you have a champagne flute in one hand.

For the whole list, check out Slashfood.


FAR117 is by far NOT the only "Simple Reason" airline travel will become more miserable. "Whipsawing", a new tactic implemented by large carriers,  is also changing the face of air travel.  Large carriers once treated their employees with grace and given enticement and in turn received loyal - full throttle employee performance.  Once these large carrier mergers came into play the corporate mind state shifted sharply towards caring solely about shareholders and cutting operational costs.  As the large carriers show record profits little mind is placed on employees, hence leaving employee moral and work ethic at an all time low.  Well at least from what I've seen in last 15 years. Most pilots, mechanics and all other important parts that make up the foundation of these companies are being left in the dust.  No pay raises for over a decade, lack of tooling, parts and ground service equipment, leaving little or no desire for employees to go the extra mile. Attitudes seem to have shifted from full throttle to idle. 

Commercial airlines have become the fast food corporate figures of aviation. The Pilots & Mechanics flying or repairing your airplanes are less trained, less prepared, less experienced, less paid.  Instead left with the responsibility of flying or performing safe maintenance on the aircraft that millions of us fly on quicker and less efficiently.  We are rushed to keep up with the growth of the airlines while turns times, and safety have been cut in half. 

So regarding your coffee Mr. Saporito if there was still passion or hope or parts or time or someone that knew how to fix the problem (all experienced mechanics are seeking other ventures for capital leaving fresh meat straight out of school at $15/hr scratching his or her head) then we would love to serve you some coffee.  

Great article BTW!



Given the amount of time people spend in airports, and on the ground in airplanes, flight-hopping, and in their flight and then getting a rental, I've found that if I can drive there within 16 hours, I will get to my destination in much better shape and just as fast (if not faster) than the plane.

My wife and I went to Vegas once.  She hates to drive.  I hate the process of flying these days (I used to love to fly, but major airliners have pretty much beaten any love for flying out of me long ago).  So she flew and I drove.

I dropped her off at the airport in town at the recommended two hours before her flight left, then drove to Vegas.  I had to wait for her on the other end of a six hour drive, even though the flight was supposed to have arrived at the same time as I did.

The same thing happened when I drove to Portland and my wife flew.  There was no direct flight, so she ended up waiting six hours in the airport for her connection, and that was delayed another two due to mechanical reasons.  (In fairness, she got back before I did, but I ate a long lunch on the way.)

She was frazzled.  I was fine, if a little stiff from driving for hours.

No, unless I have to be someplace farther away than I can drive in 16 hours, I don't fly - ever.  It's ALWAYS less expensive to drive - even with food breaks along the way - than flying and getting a rental.  Best of all, you don't have to share your space with a fertilizer salesman from Topeka on one side and a wailing baby on the other.

And nothing I've read about today's air travel experience tells me that things are improving in any way.  It's so bad now, one wonders why anyone even remotely considers flying.