Grab the Remote: Your Alternate Viewing Options Instead of the Super Bowl

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Heartbroken that your team fizzled out in the playoffs? Or maybe the Super Bowl just isn’t your jam? There’s plenty else on TV tonight.

Whatever the reason you happen to be boycotting tonight’s big game, NewsFeed is here with your other viewing options for the evening. Just because everyone else is watch the Super Bowl – which, to you, probably isn’t so “super” after all – doesn’t mean you have to.

Your TV gets dozens, maybe even hundreds of channels, and they’ll all still be running during the Super Bowl. Here’s the best (or, at least, the rest) of what’s on this evening that doesn’t involve touchdowns and tackles. Visit our friends at Entertainment Weekly for a full list.

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Puppy Bowl, Animal Planet: Ok, we take that back. The best of the alternate programming (in NewsFeed’s opinion) does involve touchdowns and tackles…but you’ll be inclined to say “Aww!” instead of “Ouch!” The so-cute-it-hurts Puppy Bowl will play throughout the duration of the other game.

Sex and the City, E!: The furthest you can get from the testosterone-fueled football game is the estrogen-fest of these four posh New Yorkers. Surely this was planned out.

1000 Ways to Die, Spike: If the bone-crunching tackles of the Packers and the Steelers are somehow not enough for you, flip over to Spike, where you’ll see much more violent action – all of which resulted in death. Morbid.

Teen Mom 2, MTV: This is sure to grab away the youthful crowd who watches the game just for the commercials, anyway.

Toddlers and Tiaras, TLC: The Super Bowl can make grown men cry. If you prefer your emotions for the little ones, head to “Toddlers and Tiaras” – though be warned, the frustration and pretension might make you cry, too.

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CBS is showing a normal Sunday schedule of “60 Minutes,” “Undercover Boss,” “CSI: Miami,” and “Hawaii Five-O.” ABC will feature Knocked Up if you’re looking for a hilariously awkward Seth Rogen fix, and NBC is showing celebrity ancestor investigation show “Who Do You Think You Are,” followed by “Dateline”.

And EW explains the myriad of movies showing on the cable channels. Enjoy sitting in front of the TV tonight…whatever you choose to watch.