Viral Video: Meet the Smartest Squirrel in History

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GK Hart/Vikki Hart

A hungry squirrel will go to great lengths for nuts—even if that means scaling a pole, walking a tightrope, and squeezing through more than a few tubes.

The BBC captured this clever rodent in action for its 1995 series Daylight Robbery 2, which, like Daylight Robbery 1, promised “amazing escapades from the furry thief!” And you thought reality TV was low-budget.

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Now YouTube has given the footage a second life. And that must tickle the show’s producers, who were clearly smitten with their star.

“The grey squirrel is a natural winner and one that’s here to stay,” reads the official description of the series, which is available to buy on Amazon. “A remarkable robber who’s made his home here, on our very own doorsteps. With his death-defying leaps and ingenious feeding habits, the squirrel certainly caused a stir on the BBC’s original ‘Daylight Robbery’ programme. Now he’s back to face a new challenge—the ultimate man-made assault course.” (via BoingBoing)

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