Weekend Wrap-Up: Packers Prevail, Protests Persist, And A Boston Woman Is Reunited With Lost Snake

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Ray Kachatorian / Getty

Good Monday morning, NewsFeeders! We’re glad you made it into work today. Shake off that Super Bowl hangover and put on a happy face – because whether you were a Packers supporter or not, we all have to get along this coming week.

Grab another coffee and take your time adjusting to the harsh office lights. Meanwhile, NewsFeed is here, as we have been all weekend, and we’re ready to catch you up on what you missed over the past few days.

Turmoil in Egypt Drags On: Though getting quieter day-by-day, the protests and demonstrations in Cairo and throughout Egypt continued this weekend. Protesters have seen small victories over the past few days: President Hosni Mubarak announced late last week that he’d be stepping down in September. Then on Saturday, many top leaders resigned from party posts, meaning they won’t be able to rise to Mubarak’s presidential position in the next election. But many protesters interviewed by TIME showed no desire of backing down. (via TIME, CNN)

Reagan’s Centennial Birthday: The Gipper would have turned 100 Sunday, prompting a look back at Reagan’s life and legacy. He brought the country out of troubled times, certainly a trait to be envied in today’s era, and the current Republican leadership looks to emulate his belt-tightening measures. But it was his grace and his easy style that drew many in – highlighting the importance of personality. (via ABC News)

Packers Win Super Bowl XLV: Sorry, we know you probably already know. But it’s worth repeating. The Lombardi Trophy is home in Green Bay today as the Packers rolled over the Pittsburgh Steelers 31-25 last night. Big Ben stood down as Packers QB – and game MVP – Aaron Rodgers stole the spotlight. Rodgers tossed 3 touchdown passes and racked up a solid 304 yards in the victory with a thrilling fourth quarter that ended with a potential Packers rally fizzling out. (via ESPN)

Monday Must-Read: The sartorial choices of world leaders are always on display, to the point that their fashions become a part of their identity. Would we recognize Kim Jong-il sans pajama-like garb and oversized glasses? GQ analyzes the clothing choices of other famed world leaders, from the boring and corporate Chinese premier Hu Jintao to the smart and sharp French prez Nicolas Sarkozy. (via GQ)

In Case You Missed It: One Boston woman lost her snake on the Boston subway in early January. The three-foot-long boa named Penelope slithered around the train cars until she was discovered just last week, nearly a month later. Were riders not freaked out when they saw a snake slinking around their subway car? (via NewsFeed)

Viral Video: It’s a must to start off this week with a cute-animal-doing-something-weird video. Here’s a fox licking a window. We wish we were kidding. But it’s simultaneously fun and cute.