From Mother to Author: Is Bristol Palin Writing a Memoir?

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REUTERS/Eric Thayer

To the list of many titles Bristol Palin has owned — teen mom, reality TV dancer, public speaker — it would seem we can now add another: author. (via Wonkette)

We don’t yet know much of anything about the forthcoming memoir Bristol is writing, thanks to this very non-descriptive page. But we do know this: There is the word “author” next to Bristol Palin’s name.

While at first NewsFeed was shocked and dismayed by the use of the word “author” in such context, we recognize that becoming a single mother at age 18 is undoubtedly difficult, and as such, maybe she actually has a thing or two to write about.

That said, NewsFeed is still annoyed when people under the legal drinking age pen their life stories. We’re looking at you, Justin Bieber.

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