Despite Not Guilty Plea, Lindsay Lohan’s in a Long Line of Accused Celebrity Shoplifters

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Lindsay Lohan arrives to be arraigned at the Airport Branch Courthouse in Los Angeles on February 9, 2011.

REUTERS/Phil McCarten

After being accused of stealing a $2,500 necklace, Lindsay Lohan pleaded not guilty of grand theft in court Wednesday.

Although she probably won’t be spending time in the slammer for this charge after her bail is posted, NewsFeed’s rounded up some high-profile company for LiLo in the (accused) Shoplifting Hall of Fame. Her buddies in the alleged five-finger discount club include:

Winona Ryder: Best known of this bunch, the actress was arrested leaving Saks Fifth Avenue in Beverly Hills with over $5,000 of stolen merchandise in 2001.

Adam Rickett: The model/actor left a New Zealand supermarket with a jar of coffee, a brick of cheese and HP sauce in 2007. He told police it was an “honest mistake.”

Shelley Morrison: In The former Will & Grace cast member left a Robinson-Mays department store in LA with almost $500 of costume jewelry in her pockets.

Caroline Giuliani: After she was caught at Sephora last summer with over $150 of stolen beauty supplies, the store didn’t want to press charges when they learned she was the former New York City mayor’s daughter.

Jennifer Capriati: The three-time tennis Grand Slam champion was caught leaving a Florida mall with a cheap silver ring in 1993.