SuperGranny: Elderly Woman Fights Crime With Purse

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Elderly Woman Stops Thieves

Robbers beware. It’s not the security guards you need to watch out for, but a woman and her flailing purse.

Or at least that’s what six thieves experienced in a failed attempt to rob a jewelry store in Northampton, England. Armed with only her purse, the elderly woman decided to take matters into her own hands. Caught on camera, she’s seen running across the road and hitting the thugs with her bag as they tried to steal as much gold as possible.  With three of the six waiting on getaway motorbikes, they were so distracted by the surprise attack that a pair of them toppled over.

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Thanks to the fearless woman, whose identity remains unknown, witnesses were able to restrain one of the robbers until the police arrived. Four of the six have now been arrested. “Clearly we will recognize her for her bravery,” said Inspector Peter Chisholm, of Northampton police. “She stayed at the scene and the arresting officers took her details. “We won’t be releasing her name though. There might be more members of the gang out there and we wouldn’t want to put her in any danger,” he added. (Via The Guardian)

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