Abraham Lincoln Joins Twitter on His 202nd Birthday

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For a taste of Honest Abe’s wisdom, you could crack open a history book – but this just seems more engaging.

President Lincoln may be 202 years old today, but he’s become forever young, sharing his thoughts and ideas in just 140 characters like the rest of us.

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With the 150th anniversary of the start of the Civil War approaching in April, @1865Lincoln is prepared to share the wit and wisdom of our 16th President. NewsFeed expects the language to be quite eloquent – in fact, we can already hear Lincoln’s deep, booming baritone reading to us.

And in normal Twitter fashion, we expect the facts to be little-known. What did he have for dinner last night? Color NewsFeed interested in that tweet. After all, where better to share the minutia of his life than on Twitter – we non-presidential folks do the same on a daily basis.

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Though what NewsFeed is really looking for from Abe are some stovepipe hat-buying tips – or maybe even a bit of advice on how to groom a sweet beard like his.