Friday Night Lights Star Adrianne Palicki Is the New Wonder Woman

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Actress Adrianne Palicki. Getty Images.

NBC is filming a pilot for a new Wonder Woman television series and it seems they’ve found a key element–Wonder Woman.

People reports that Adrianne Palicki, of Friday Night Lights fame, will be the second woman to don the tiara and play the DC Comics super-heroine. The original television series from the 70s starred Lynda Carter and, not unlike most shows from that decade, put a camp spin on the whole thing. Check out a video of the original, below:

See what we mean? You can practically hear the Batman-esque “pow” and “kablamo” with every shot.

Reportedly, the new Wonder Woman will follow the modern trend of the more serious superhero, though David E. Kelley–of Ally McBeal and Boston Legal fame–is behind the series, so here’s hoping it’s not too serious. (via People)