Sure, You’ll Only Go Because It’s Ironic: ‘Hipster Strip Joint’ To Open in NYC

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Ironic, right?

Getty Images.

We’re actually surprised this didn’t exist already. (Or maybe it was just so underground, we wouldn’t have heard of it.)

New York Magazine reports that the opening-any-minute joint, the Westway in New York, will be the latest mainstream thing that mainstream-be-damned hipsters embrace. For the irony of it all, of course.

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Predictably, owners Matt Kliegman and Carlos Quirarte maintain that the place will not be a strip club. “We’re not strip-joint owners. We’re not strip-joint guys,” Quirarte told NY Mag‘s Alice Gregory, who noted that he was “mere feet from a polished pole” as he said it.

They explain that since the property used to house a series of strip clubs, they are simply honoring the tradition of the place by offering “male go-go dancing on Sundays and female topless go-go dancing the following night.”

Because that doesn’t sound like a strip club at all, right? (via New York Magazine)

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