Player Alert: Men Named James or Chris Get More Action Than Those Named Edward or Dylan

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Ladies, are you wondering if a certain guy is a player? Finding your answer could be as easy as asking for his name.

A French dating site called Smartdate has conducted a survey of over 19,000 men and found that men with names that end in “s” have a greater number of sexual partners in their lifetime than those whose names did not end in “s.”

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Among the top 10 randiest male names, 6 ended with an “s”, including Chris (with 11.3 partners), Charles (with 11.1), Dennis (with 10.8) and James (with 10.4). You can compare this to men named Edward, Dylan, Jason and David who all averaged less than 2 partners.

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So how can you apply this super-scientific and extremely sound knowledge to your dating life? Well if you are looking to avoid a player you now know which guys to bypass.

Then again, if you’re a female with a name that ends in “a”, you’ve probably had a higher-than-average number of partners yourself, according to a previous Smartdate survey. So maybe you won’t hold it against the men who have as well. (via Smartdate Blog)