The Sinking Ship That Floats Above The Rest

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The Love-Love Boat

The “Love-Love” boat, created by a French artist, looks like it should be sleeping with the fishes.

Au contraire, this ship is actually sea-worthy. Built in 2007 by Frenchman Julien Berthier, the boat is part art – and part leisure activity.  But while enjoying a jet around the harbor, he says he’s often approached by worried boaters who fear for his safety. After all, his boat juts out of the water at an angle once displayed by the Titanic – and we all know how that story ends.

After cutting an old yacht in half, Berthier redistributed the weight so the boat protrudes from the water at a 45-degree angle – and stays there. He relocated the motor as well, allowing the boat to glide through the water as a “normal” vessel would.

He’s sailed the boat around Europe, surviving its perch at a perilous angle. “Coast guards and harbor masters have always been warned and that the piece is not at all about crying to the wolf,” Berthier tells Yahoo. Berthier is one captain who won’t go down with his ship, because no matter how ominous it looks, this boat won’t go under either.