Sunday Afternoon Cuteness: Baby Gorilla Takes His First Steps

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This little guy looks a bit shaky on his feet, but the slips and stumbles make it that much cuter for the rest of us.

The appropriately-named “Tiny” attempts to take his first steps. He refuses to venture too far from his mother, but he’s already acquiring that necessary can-do attitude.

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Tiny, a western lowland gorilla, was born in October at the London Zoo. Something of a miracle, Tiny was the zoo’s first gorilla birth in 20 years. He and his 12-year-old mother Mjukuu have been inseparable ever since, but now it seems Tiny is ready to conquer the world on his own.

And once he masters the art of walking, he’ll probably need a new name. Keep trying, Tiny – NewsFeed is rooting for you!