Being Rich Isn’t Enough: Opulent Hotel Room Requires Background Check

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Want to live like a king or a president? At the Waldorf-Astoria, that’ll be $10,000 a night and a background check, please.

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The Waldorf-Astoria’s Presidential Suite isn’t just open to everyone. Matt Zolbe of the Waldorf-Astoria says that the exclusive room “is not available through normal booking channels” or to just anyone who has a spare $10,000 lying around. Living up to its name, the lofty suite has seen every sitting president since Herbert Hoover.

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The reason for the security measures? Following custom, each U.S. head of state has left behind a gift.  Amongst the artifacts left behind include Eisenhower’s writing desk, JFK’s rocking chair, and some donated wall sconces from Nixon.

The 3,100-square-foot suite has a dining room, kitchen, and living room in addition to accommodating 50 people for a reception. The suite is commonly booked by Hollywood celebrities and other dignitaries when it is not occupied by special members of the White House.


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