An End to the Ear Plague: SunChips Shush Their Biodegradable Bag

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Daniel Acker/Bloomberg

The only thing in a bag of SunChips that should make loud noises are the chips, being crunched.

We’re all for environmentalism, but Frito-Lay made a big mistake last March with its biodegradable SunChips bag. The wildly unpopular bags made so much noise when they were opened and touched that they spawned a Facebook group called “Sorry But I Can’t Hear You Over This SunChips Bag,” amassing 44,000 followers. Not only were the infamous bags reputed as annoying, they caused an 11% decline in sales over the past year.

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Frito-Lay caught on to their unpopularity, eliminating the compostable, plant-based bags for all flavors except Original. Now, the company believes it’s found a fix: a rubbery adhesive placed between the bag’s layers. The new glue will significantly reduce sound as it is rolled out in the Original bags. If the adhesive is the secret ingredient, Frito-Lay will bring back the other flavors’ biodegradable bags as well.

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In the name of environmentalism (and avoiding another Facebook offensive) NewsFeed hopes the second time’s a charm for Frito-Lay.