Viral Victory! Zach Anner Wins His ‘OWN’ Show

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Step aside, Oprah: there’s a new talk show host rolling into town.

An inspiration to us all, Zach Anner has been vying since June for his own show on Oprah’s new channel.  He quickly became an Internet sensation, and now Anner has been given the opportunity to become a television star.

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The wheelchair-bound Anner has cerebral palsy – “the sexiest of the palsies,” he says. He entered Oprah’s ‘OWN’ show competition with dreams of hosting a travel show, and the Internet (along with his own hilarity) propelled him quickly through the ranks.  Anner even overcame rumors that the competition was rigged, emerging with a very positive attitude. “No mountain is too high… and no Atlantis is too underwater or fictional!” he proclaimed in one of his audition tapes.

He found himself as one of the final two contestants on Friday night’s finale – where Oprah gave both Anner and Kristina Kuzmic-Crocco their own shows. Anner will now head to production on his very own television show, titled “Rollin’ Around the World with Zach Anner.”

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Upon hearing the news late Friday, he tweeted: “Tonight, we made history. Tomorrow, we’ll make a much sexier future! Onward to Atlantis!” NewsFeed predicts that’ll be the first stop on Zach’s world tour.

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