From Big Screen to Small Scale: Oscar Nominees in Lego Form

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The Best Picture nominees have never looked so colorful – though a little blocky.

Alex Eylar’s film fanaticism fused with the iconic bricks are bringing an imaginative spirit back to Hollywood. The 22-year-old screenwriting student took the ten nominees for Best Picture and put together the films’ most iconic scenes in Lego style.

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He’s constructed Bertie stepping up to the microphone in The King’s Speech, Ralston looking longingly at his missing arm in 127 Hours, and the intense and chaotic rotating hallway scene from Inception.

Eylar tells CNN his fascination with Legos started back in his childhood. “Every kid had Legos growing up, and I was no different,” he says. Eylar’s work has surely matured since those early years.

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And while many of us will be cheering the real stars at the Kodak Theatre tonight, NewsFeed hopes Eylar will be ushering the scaled-down stars through the aisles of his miniature theater to claim their tiny trophies. The details are stunning in such a small size. But one question remains: how could he have sized down Zuckerberg’s ego?