Reading While Eating for February 28: Stale Bread and Rambling Oscar Winners

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Charlotte Le Bon of Canada licks a trophy during the 36th Cesar Awards ceremony in Paris February 25, 2011.

REUTERS/Benoit Tessier

Monday’s links include a rapping autocrat and an accusatory Ponzi schemer (can you guess who?)

Wolf Girl?: A very proud 11-year-old Thai girl now holds the Guinness World Record as the ‘World’s Hairiest Girl.’ She says her new record has made her instantly popular at school. (Telegraph)

Madoff’s Latest: Bernie Madoff told New York magazine that the “whole government is a Ponzi scheme.” So that’s where he got his inspiration? (CBS News)

Change Artist: Did you catch how many outfit changes Oscar host Anne Hathaway had last night? Enough to make your head spin. (LIFE)

Moving and Shaking: A 4.7 magnitude earthquake rattled Arkansas in the state’s biggest shake since 1969. The region’s felt 700 quakes in the past six months, including three last night.

Who Blabbed: You know that music that’s supposed to shut people up at the end of their Oscar acceptance speeches? Let’s just say, some pick up on the queue faster than others. (BuzzFeed)

Week-Old Food: Do you even remember how long that bread’s been sitting out on your counter? Maybe these labels will keep you from eating mold. (Consumerist)

Popularity Contest: Did the Academy just give out awards to the most buzzed about films? Compare the winners with internet chatter. (Daily What)

Must See: See what Gaddafi’s speech sounds like remixed as a rap.