Weekend Wrap-Up: Sanctions, Speeches and San Fran Snow

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Ray Kachatorian / Getty

Pep up, NewsFeeders. Just because the Oscars ended mere minutes before midnight on the East Coast is no excuse to be so groggy this morning.

After all, you had a relaxing weekend, right? And hopefully a fairly predictable night of awards put you in a strong place in your Oscar pool. Pour another cup of the black stuff while NewsFeed catches you up on the weekend news that you missed. We promise we’ll keep the King’s Speech references to a minimum.

Crackdown Against Gaddafi Continues: The rest of the world continued on its mission to control the violence in Libya. The United Nations Security Council met in an urgent session Saturday to approve sanctions against Gaddafi – a clampdown that includes freezing his assets, halting his travel, and generally giving world leaders an excuse to denounce the regime. While Eastern Libya, including the opposition’s center of Benghazi, has been liberated, the capital city Tripoli remains embattled. (via BBC, AP, TIME)

San Francisco Sees Snow: The city went snowless for 35 years, but now that streak has been broken. Some higher elevations saw a dusting of snow very early Saturday morning. But as is natural with spontaneous snowfall, it prompted a flurry of warnings from the local officials to be careful. Hopefully those that did see the white stuff were able to scrape up a snowball before it melted. (via New York Times)

The King’s Speech Takes Top Trifecta: Nabbing the awards for Best Picture, Director (Tom Hooper), and Actor (Colin Firth), the much-celebrated flick about a stammering British monarch was this year’s Oscar king. Expectedly, Natalie Portman took home the Best Actress statue for her dancing feet in Black Swan. Overall, it was a night where predictions came true – including hosts Anne Hathaway and James Franco living up to expectations that they’re actors first, not comedians. But wait, was that an F-bomb from Best Supporting Actress winner Melissa Leo?  (via EW)

In Case You Missed It on NewsFeed: A new study reveals that 82 percent of college admissions departments check out your (or your kid’s) Facebook in making their acceptance decisions. While this could lend some benefit, particularly if the officer sees something they like, what are the odds of that? They’re most likely going to find party pictures – and that just might keep you (or your kid) from their dream school. (via NewsFeed)

Monday Must-Read: Charlie Sheen’s mouth just won’t stop moving these days. And he seems most likely to put his foot in it as of late. But as Sheen gears up for a television circuit – he’ll be on morning shows and 20/20 in the next few days – how timely for GQ to have an interview (and a quite lengthy one at that). He still won’t admit any wrongdoing and is keeping up his self-important attitude, but the guy certainly is quotable – and intriguing. (via GQ)

Viral Video: Oh, Monday. Don’t you wish you could be as chipper as these kittens. Maybe once you check out the cats in all their glory, you’ll be just as peppy. NewsFeed can’t figure out why they love the bowls so much, but it just adds to their adorableness.