Gasp! Common People To Be Invited to Royal Wedding

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An invitation card for the wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton

John Stillwell/Pool/Reuters

Kate Middleton has just made some people happier than you could possibly imagine.

The future Queen of England isn’t neglecting her common roots — and that’s not intended as an insult — by extending some precious invites to her upcoming union with Prince William to the likes of local grocers, the postman and even the pub landlord near to her home of Bucklebury.

(More on See pictures of Kate Middleton) (very much the Queen Elizabeth to our Kate, as they’ve been doing this a lot longer) spoke with Hash Shingadia, who runs a local store. In possibly the quote of the year, he told TIME’s sister publication that, “When my wife saw the envelope with the EIIR sign on the front, she screamed. It’s tremendous news, a total surprise. We were overjoyed.”

Shingadia even spilled the beans on what Middleton likes to buy when she pops in. Groceries, canned drinks, magazines and candy – especially Haribo sweets – were all mentioned, which is reassuring as NewsFeed only ever makes the same purchases. (How else to explain the daily volume of posts?)

The landlord of the Old Boot Inn, John Haley (arguably the nation’s best known pub, seeing as it’s hosted the happy couple) will also be going to the April 29 wedding. “It was fabulous and to actually receive it!” he said, noting that his pub is also having a big party that night as way of celebration, which he plans to attend.

(More on See a video on Kate Middleton’s wedding dress.)

There’s something reassuringly British in the way Wills and Kate are going about their wedding invites. U.S. President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle? Not a hope. But the local pub landlord? We look forward to your RSVP, can’t wait to catch up, and the directions to Westminster Abbey are enclosed.