Google: College Grads’ Most-Wanted Employer

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Getty images/Sean Gallup

If you’re a college grad reading this, chances are you’re dying to work for Google.

The latest Universum survey ranked Google as the No.1 employer among young professionals. A group of 10,306 students was asked to pick five ideal employers out of a list of 150, and almost 25% of college graduates picked Google, twice the number of graduates who chose Apple.

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Perhaps that’s explained by Google’s efforts to attract graduates to the company, by hosting graduate open houses and tech-related talks, plus running blogs, Twitter feeds and YouTube channels to show what it’s like to work there.

The State Department, Disney and Amazon rounded the top five. Government agencies, such as NASA, the FBI and the CIA, also ranked in the top 10.

Respondents were also able to write companies that were not on the list. The top write in? Facebook, of course. Kasia Do, a project manager from Universum, said that graduates chose companies that they appreciated as consumers.

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