Guatemalan President Divorces Wife So She Can Run Next

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Guatemala's President Alvaro Colom kisses his wife, First Lady Sandra Torres, during his annual state of the nation address at Guatemala City's Constitution Square January 14, 2011

REUTERS / Doriam Morales

Getting a divorce so your wife can become president? That’s love.

Guatemala’s president, Alvaro Colom is divorcing his wife, Sandra Torres, so that she can run for Guatemala’s head seat.

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Obviously this wouldn’t exactly happen in the States, folks, because Bill and Hillary Clinton are still together. But in Guatemala, the constitution forbids close relatives (and, NewsFeed is assuming, spouses) of the president from being able to succeed him.

Colom’s wife said she would be the governing party candidate later this year. Torres has apparently played a large role bind the scenes during her husband’s presidency. Otto Perez Molina, her rival, accused the two of defrauding the system.

The Guatemalan Constitutional Court will most likely decide if the issue is contested.

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