Reading While Eating for March 22: A Whole New World

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A man smeared with coloured powdered called abeer makes a funny face during Phagwa celebrations at the Savannah in Arranguez March 20, 2011. Phagwa, or Holi, the Hindu Festival of Colours, celebrates the beginning of spring.

REUTERS/Andrea De Silva

Tuesday’s links travel around the globe and get down to Disney songs.

Mapping the Past: See an animated version of world history, as illustrated through geotagging Wikipedia articles. (Thought Catalog)

Sci-Fi Sitcom: It’s 2011. Shouldn’t life be like The Jetsons now? Check out gadgets from the cartoon that actually came true. (LIFE)

Carrot Craze: The latest junk-food trend — baby carrots? If one marketer gets his way, marketing the veggies like chips will get America healthier. (Fast Company)

Trippy Travelogue: Photographer Alex Profit took a trip through eight countries, and documented the journey in 2,000 photos. The result is a stunning stop-motion video. (Gizmodo)

Powerful Pups: Get ready to shed a tear — see the top 10 heroic animals and their amazing stories. (TIME)

Serious “Fun”: Little did NewsFeed know that Rebecca Black’s “Friday” featured lyrics that came from deep-seated angst. At least that’s what this dramatic reading shows us. (The Daily What)

Viral Video: Nick Pitera mashes up his very own Disney movie, with incredible vocal range. (via BuzzFeed)