Tumblr of the Week: Fiddy’s Biddies

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The ladies love Fiddy and he loves them right back. And the Twitter proof has provided us with our Tumblr of the week.

The Fiddy’s Biddies Tumblr is pretty straightforward–it documents the women that 50 Cent flirts with via @ replies on Twitter.

His messages aren’t particularly romantic and sometimes they aren’t even that nice–“You a freak i like your pic lol” doesn’t exactly make NewsFeed swoon, but you know, different strokes.

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Also, the sheer number of flirtations Fiddy engages in makes us wonder how he has time for much else. But it’s also nice to see that he doesn’t seem to have a type–he flirts with girls of varying ages and races, though we get the feeling that the less you are wearing in your picture, the more likely you’re to be flirted with. (That should also serve as a warning that the Tumblr contains a fair bit of nudity).