Did Joe Biden Really Lock a Reporter in a Closet? Not Quite

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Dennis Van Tine / Retna Ltd. / Corbis

We suppose it would depend on your definition of both “locked” and “closet.”

The Internet was abuzz over the weekend with the news that Vice President Joe Biden had locked a White House pool reporter in a closet. How could you, Joe? But it turns out that (of course!) there was more to the story than what met the web’s eye.

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It seems that when Orlando Sentinel reporter Scott Powers was covering a fund-raising event with Biden on Wednesday, he was led into a holding room–which, apparently, isn’t unusual–because Biden hadn’t arrived and Powers wasn’t allowed to speak with guests. What was a bit unusual was the choice of holding room, said to be a room used for storage, or as Powers called it, “a closet”. Powers reports that it had a light and window and he was offered food and given water. He also noted that the door wasn’t locked, but when he did try to exit he was told he “couldn’t come out yet.”

Powers notes that he didn’t enjoy his wait and he’d snapped a photo of the room and sent it to his editor. The editor then (snarkily) blogged about the incident and the paper ran it the next day. And then, “the blogosphere went crazy,” says Powers.

With reports that Biden had forced a reporter in a closet, locking him inside, the Internet seemed determined to scandalize the rather inconsequential (though, likely irritating) incident. For the record, the vice president’s office apologized for having a reported wait in a storage room and Powers has noted that it wasn’t his intention to start “ClosetGate: the latest  big Washington scandal”. (via Daily Intel)

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