Reading While Eating for March 28: Remakes and Remixes

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Recording artist deadmau5 poses with Royal Canadian Mounted Police officers during the 40th Juno Awards in Toronto March 27, 2011.

REUTERS/Mark Blinch

Monday’s links bring you people making good music, and people making terrible music.

Freaky Fans: It’s down to the Final Four of the NCAA tournament. But even if your team lost, check out college basketball’s craziest fans. (LIFE)

Mini Mogul: Patrice Wilson, founder of Ark Music Factory, discusses the rise of Rebecca Black and his business principles. We’re still sketched out. (The Daily What)

Serious Shopper: The first person to buy the Nintendo 3DS had to evade the cops to do so. Hope the gaming system was worth it. (Consumerist)

Funny Fashion: Yes, it’s fun to laugh at these terrible ’90s outfits. But in 20 years, we’ll be doing the same about ’10s styles, so have fun while this lasts. (BuzzFeed)

Listen to This: Lady Gaga released a country version of her single “Born This Way.” Dare we say we like it better than the original? (Kottke)

Follow Us: Looking to get started on Twitter? See our picks for the 140 best feeds to follow. (TIME)

Viral Video: There’s nothing like a good one-take video to start the week. Watch this group tackle “Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da” by The Beatles. (Urlesque)