About That Charlie Sheen Tour: It’s Not Actually Sold Out

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Rick Wilking / Reuters

Our faith in America has been partially restored.

NewsFeed was dismayed when we heard that not only had Charlie Sheen’s “My Violent Tour of Truth” sold out in certain cities but that it had done so in record time. Had America really sunk so low?

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Promisingly, the answer is no. According to CNBC, seats are still available not only on Ticketmaster, but it seems that many of the tickets that were originally sold weren’t sold to people who actually wanted to see Sheen spew crazy — they were sold to ticket resellers.

Jane Wells reports that the “theater in Detroit only holds 5,049 people, but when I checked Stubhub last night, just this one site alone had 1,449 tickets available for the show!”

So, congrats, America for not buying into Sheen-hype and wanting to see his show. Sure, many of you bought into the hype, but you hoped to profit off it. Which we’ll totally forgive. (via CNBC)

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