Flour Power: New Jersey Town Covered in White Powder After Bakery Dustup

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The white substance Englewood, N.J., residents found all over cars and buildings on Tuesday wasn’t dangerous or illegal, but it may have left them feeling like they were a part of some large pastry recipe.

Fire officials say a 20,000-pound capacity silo atop the La Esperanza Bakery became loose and blew 500 pounds of flour all over the surrounding neighborhood, alarming residents and worrying them that an unexpected covering of snow had fallen on their town.

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Owner Frank Quieruga told WCBS that he was having the flour pumped into his bakery from a truck when the pipe connecting with the silo came unsealed. “The pipe was disconnected,” he said. “The truck just keep pumping out.”

However, the several car owners came out to find their vehicles were covered with the white stuff simply took it in stride. “It’s just flour, it’s not toxic or anything,” said Frank Carter, as he dusted off his Mazda. (via CBS)