Presenting The Latest Comic-Book Hero: Angelina Jolie?

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The cover of the comic featuring Angelina Jolie

Image via Bluewater Productions

When you think of comic-book heroes, there are always the obvious choices that spring to mind: Superman, Spider-Man, Wonder Woman. But now you can add one more to the list — Angelina Jolie.

In what’s dubbed a “biography comic” from Bluewater Productions, Angelina Jolie’s comic is a 32-page book in the independent company’s Female Force series, out Wednesday.

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But if you’re thinking it’ll feature Jolie à la her Tomb Raider character, think again. The comic focuses more on her charity and humanitarian work, than on her action-packed career or the usual scandalous fodder found in the pages of tabloids (which, in all honestly, slightly disappoints NewsFeed).

Though Jolie is well known for her work as a Goodwill Ambassador with the United Nations, we’re still slightly dubious that Jolie has quite earned her superhero badge of honor, but perhaps we’re still scarred from seeing The Tourist. After all, anyone with that many jobs, not to mention children, must have some sort of notable super power. (via Us Weekly)

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