Reading While Eating for March 30: Study Hard

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Spanish Queen Sofia holds a six-month-old panda, one of the twin pandas born at the Madrid Zoo & Aquarium March 29, 2011. Twin pandas Po and De De were born on September 7, 2010 conceived through artificial insemination in a joint effort by Spain's National Research council and scientists from China.

REUTERS/Andrea Comas

Wednesday’s links bring you back to school, with scary mascots and tough classes.

Yes or No: Fearing the impending shutdown of the U.S government? At least there’s a single-serving Tumblr to help you out. (Is the Government Still Open?)

Tweet Treats: Sure, you may watch them on television. But do you follow their tweets? See the 15 most followed chefs on Twitter. (The Daily Meal)

Literary Lashings: Having a book personally signed by an author is great, but it’s even better if said author calls you a horrible person in the autograph. (Insulted By Authors)

Chilling Cheers: As college basketball fans prepare themselves for the Final Four, see the creepiest mascots colleges have to offer. (LIFE)

Brain Drains: Looking for an easy A? Don’t take these. See the hardest college classes in America. (Huffington Post)

Dating Discovery: Two British people went on a blind date, only to find they were long-lost siblings. (The Daily What)

Mouth-Watering Meat: Denny’s restaurants are going all out in promoting their bacony dishes. But here’s what the chain doesn’t get about our “Golden Age of Bacon.” (TIME)

Viral Video: Follow the instructions and come up with one weird Skittles commercial. (via Reddit)