Priorities: Did Obama Plan His Libya Speech Around ‘Dancing with the Stars?’

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President Barack Obama speaks about the conflict in Libya

Larry Downing/Reuters

Who knew that reality TV had such pull that it even impacted upon the most powerful man in the world?

NewsFeed knows better than most the anguish of two TV shows being on at the same time (you do not want to be around Mr. and Mrs. NewsFeed when live sport competes with Glee) and now the White House can share our pain. Monday night’s Libya address, delivered by President Obama, aired at 7.30pm ET, in order that fans of ABC’s Dancing with the Stars wouldn’t have to miss out on the second most-watched show on television.

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ABC had a legitimate reason for reaching out, since the primetime smash hit is actually broadcast live, which is not just a rarity in this day and age but would have posed a problem they could have done without. But still, this is the President talking to the nation about the Libyan crisis … surely enough to make Chris Brown wait a while, right?

What’s more, the negotiations that took place between the administration and ABC also extended to the other main networks, so that meant there wasn’t a clash when it came to a volunteerism special on NBC which, ironically, featured Obama.

White House spokesman, the wonderfully named Joshua Earnest, sent the following statement by e-mail. “The White House routinely works with the networks, as a group, in circumstances like these to find a time that’s respectful of both the networks and their audience – while ensuring that the president has the platform he needs to deliver an important message to the American people.”

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Thanks much for clearing that up. And NewsFeed now fully expects next year’s State of the Nation to be broadcast between 5.00-7.00 pm, because nothing shall get in the way of Jeopardy! (via New York Times)