Thieves On the Run After Stealing Four Diamonds from Swiss Jewelry Fair

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Baselworld fair

AFP/Getty Images

A group of thieves have stolen four diamonds from the world’s biggest watch and jewelery event, in the Swiss city of Basel.

Three of the thieves diverted the Israeli trader’s attention while two others opened the showcase. They were said to have visited the display showcase a few days before and carried out the robbery in a “very professional manner,” prosecutor Markus Melzl said in a statement.

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The robbers haven’t been caught, and the trader only realized the theft about 15 minutes after they left the store. “Suddenly we could hear screams,” an employee from a nearby display told the Swiss tabloid Blick. The Israeli diamond dealer immediately told the organizers, and the exhibition hall doors were closed for half an hour. But it was too late- the thieves had already escaped.

Baselworld has been targeted several times, and in 2009 a robber was caught stealing 13 million francs worth of jewelery, though he was soon caught. With 1,900 exhibitors, including luxury brands Chopard, Rolex and jewelry makers like Bulgari and Tiffany,  and over 100,000 visitors, Baselworld may want to consider a security upgrade.

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