Lady Gaga’s After Our Jobs, Landing a Gig as a Columnist

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This means war, Gaga.

NewsFeed is to take up singing lessons in light of Lady Gaga deciding that a career in music and strange clothing decisions clearly isn’t enough for her. The multi-tasking superstar is now adding another bow as she’s to pen a column for V Magazine about art and fashion.

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The Grammy-winner announced the news via Twitter: “I begin next month as a Fashion+Art Columnist for @VMagazine.” Her debut article will appear in the summer edition, which hits newsstands May 12. “Each issue, Mother Monster will put pen to page, bringing us an editorial window into her fashion multiverse,” the magazine said, presumably without a hint of irony.

And there’s obviously a connection between them because she’s graced V’s cover on a couple of occasions, firstly for the fall 2009 issue before returning exactly a year later, in a no-way-do-I-wish-to-draw-attention-to-myself outfit of posing as Lady Liberty alongside the designer Marc Jacobs.

V Magazine is also holding an illustration contest to create a portrait of Gaga to run alongside her column. Of course, it’s called “Drawn This Way,” and all that’s surely left to hear about is the inevitable Pulitzer that Gaga will win for her writing, which we predict will fuse Shakespeare with Roth and help bring about world peace. (via Refinery)

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