Reading While Eating for April 1: Back to the Future

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Afghan National Army Non-Commissioned Officer recruits march through coloured smoke during a parade to mark a graduation ceremony at the Turkish-run Camp Ghazi in Kabul March 31, 2011.

REUTERS/Ahmad Masood

Friday’s links remember the past and fear the future.

Social Soothsayer: Can you imagine a life without Facebook? Slate takes a look at what social networking may be like in five years. (Slate)

Travel Tests: Asian airports have a huge advantage over American ones, one pilot says. Why? It’s easier to leave them. (Salon)

Space Shots: Check out the first close-up images of the surface of Mercury. It has to worry about paparazzi now, even though it’s technically not a star! (TIME)

Retro Rescue: After many negotiations, Mad Men has been saved. Here’s why your favorite show was in danger, and why it’s delayed until 2012. (Atlantic Wire)

Old-School Keyboard: As you sit in front of your newfangled computer, think back to when times were simpler and look at pictures of typewriters. (LIFE)

Today Is Friday: The Internet star of the moment, Rebecca Black, has a surprisingly good sense of humor as she takes over Funny or Die for April Fool’s Day. (The Daily What)

Viral Video: Watch out, Chris Christie — this three-year-old is in tears because he wants your job. (Urlesque)