Your Grandmother’s Viral Videos? YouTube Rewinds to 1911 for April Fools’ Day

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What would today’s most popular viral videos look like had they been crafted a century ago?

In honor of April Fools’ Day, YouTube is taking a trip down memory lane with an old school twist on modern videos. Perhaps this is an attempt to loop older generations into the viral video world – it never has been too friendly to generations past. Now if only you could teach your grandmother how to work YouTube.

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Or maybe YouTube is looking for us 20-somethings to appreciate the simpler times, before HD video and green screens – not to mention synced-up audio, and, um, color.

The Annoying Orange manages to be less obnoxious in his 1911 appearance as the quite posh-sounding Irksome Citrus – but that might just be due to the fact that all films were silent back in the day. Fortunately for our ears, his incessant “Hey Apple” quips are confined to a black-and-white title card.

Antoine Dodson also gets a nod in the century-old rehash. “Skidoo your kids, skidoo your wife,” the Bed Intruder impersonator announces in what NewsFeed can only assume was the vernacular of the time, though we’ll need someone who actually lived through that era to weigh in here.

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YouTube caps off the video with a riff on Keyboard Cat by a trumpeting feline in a trenchcoat. Perhaps there was some long-lost relation between the two?

Enjoy the blast from “the past” today, for tomorrow we’ll revert straight back to the present. And we can already hear Annoying Orange’s voice drilling into our heads.

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