‘Obama Robber’ Arrested: Thief-in-Chief Finally Meets With Justice

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His looks didn’t fool anyone, but he did manage to elude capture for more than two years.

Accused of seven robberies since 2008, the “Obama robber” was nabbed during his latest heist last Thursday. After holding up a bank in the northeastern Austrian town of Fornach, he ditched his trademark mask in a wooded area. But authorities weren’t far behind, hot on the trail of his good looks.

(More on TIME.com: See the Obama robber’s January heist)

The thief was unmasked as a 45-year-old German man. Police spokesman Markus Mitloehner said the man has given a partial confession to the robberies and that “it looks pretty good” he’s the one they’re after. So much for a solid disguise.


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