Art Attack: Woman Freaks Out Over Gauguin Painting at Washington’s National Gallery

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Paul Gauguin's "Two Tahitian Women"

Getty Images

Something about Paul Gauguin’s Two Tahitian Women really rubbed one National Gallery goer the wrong way.

Last week, a woman attacked the painting, screaming, “this is evil.” She also reportedly tried to pull the 37 x 28.5-inch painting from the wall and banged on its plastic covering with her fists. The 1899 painting is a portrait of two women, both with exposed breasts. As far as art goes, this painting is pretty un-provocative.

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A spokesperson for the gallery, Deborah Ziska, said that they found no initial damage to the painting, however a more thorough investigation was to be done on Monday.

Reportedly the woman — whose name hasn’t been released — was tackled to the ground by another museum patron and restrained. She’s now being charged with destruction of property and attempted theft.

Outbursts, one-woman protests and a heroic take-down? Who says museums are boring. (via Washington Post)

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