In Case You Missed It: Stephen Colbert Belts Out Rebecca Black’s ‘Friday’ on Fallon

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And by the looks of it, fun, fun, fun, fun was had by all.

This was one bet too good to lose: If Jimmy Fallon’s viewers could raise $26,000 for Stephen Colbert’s charity, he promised Colbert would appear on his show to sing Rebecca Black’s infectious, viral hit “Friday.”

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The energetic performance brought out a smattering of star power, including an appearance by an American Idol and a professional cheerleading squad. The spectacle featured – and we never thought this was possible – even more production gimmicks than Black’s original video.

A very dapper Colbert emerged on Fallon’s show Friday to kick off the tune in a crooning style. The Roots, Jimmy’s house band, backed him in the ballad. But very quickly, the pace quickened, and by the end, it was an all-out ball on stage. “Partyin’, partyin’,” indeed.

Colbert, Fallon and crew brought new energy to “Friday” – making it a tune that can be played, well, any day of the week.

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