Weekend Wrap-Up: Rips in Planes and Radiation Pools

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Ray Kachatorian / Getty

Rise and shine, NewsFeeders. Is it Monday already?  We hope you enjoyed a tuned-out weekend – but now it’s time to catch up on what you missed.

While the slightly springy temps consumed your attention, NewsFeed was watching the wires and scanning stories. And as usual, we’re willing to share.

Japan’s Radiation Fears Ramp Up: Just as meltdown fears seemed to be dissipating, a new source of radiation was uncovered this weekend: workers discovered a broken drainage pit was leaking radioactive water into the sea. The latest task for the Fukushima engineers is to seal up the 8-inch crack in the pit to stop its spewing of iodine-laden water. An attempt at a concrete patch was unsuccessful, and engineers are now placing their hopes in a mix of chemicals, sawdust and shredded newspaper. (via TIME, AP)

Southwest Plane Survives Roof Rip: A Southwest Airlines flight carrying 118 passengers was forced to make an emergency landing in Yuma, Ariz. Saturday after the cabin’s roof literally tore off midflight. Officially called a “fuselage rupture,” harried passengers noted that they could see the blue sky above them before the plane began a hurried descent. The issue caused Southwest to ground 300 flights to inspect its Boeing 737 fleet for similar problems – finding three other planes with similar issues.  (via ABC News)

Butler Bounds into NCAA Final: Coach Brad Stevens’ math teacher-esque appearance is fooling no one: this guy knows how to call ‘em. His Bulldogs are making their second consecutive appearance in the final game. The eight-seed team flawlessly executed its solid defense and strong half-court offense this weekend in their romp over 11-seed VCU, 70-62. But can they hold off UConn’s smooth Kemba Walker? (via ESPN)

In Case You Missed It On NewsFeed: A Russian billionaire throws down a small fortune – or, for us middle-class folks, more money than we’ll ever see in our lives – on a California estate. The price tag was a cool $100 million, marking the most expensive home sale in the country to date. But for Yuri Milner, this was simply an impulse buy: the property will likely sit in his closet unused. He says he has no intention of moving in anytime soon. (via NewsFeed)

Monday Must-Read: The summer internship competition is in full-swing for millions of driven college kids. Surely you recall the days of working way too hard for absolutely no pay – but are the allure of college credit and potential job prospects enough? Can colleges help sway the system to something more sustainable? (via New York Times)

Viral Video: Need a little cheering up this Monday morning? Shake off the blues courtesy of a kitten riding a tortoise. We dare you to keep the corners of your mouth from curling into a smile during this cute clip.