Beastie Boys Are Back With a Funky New Track, ‘Make Some Noise’

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The Beastie Boys

Nostalgia alert! Just as the new Britney video debuts, the Beastie Boys release their (long-awaited) new track from the comeback LP Hot Sauce Committee Part 2

UPDATE: The music of the video above has changed (it’s definitely not the Beastie Boys’ newest song), but you can hear “Make Some Noise” here.

After a teaser circled the web last week, the track “Make Some Noise” is now out in full form and it’s certainly delivered on its funky promise. The song is a lively and appreciated throwback to the group’s albums of old. Plus, cowbell!

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Initial responses to the track are definitely positive, with Rolling Stone describing the track as being “anchored by a chunky, overdriven organ part, but the beat is loose and groovy like the best of the trio’s Nineties material.”  Spin Magazine says that despite the  group’s age (mid-40s!), “there’s no denying that “Make Some Noise” is a bonafide party-starter.”

NewsFeed couldn’t agree more. (via Rolling Stone)