Don’t Even Ask If We’re There Yet: Family Takes an 11-Year Road Trip

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The Zapp family has spent more than a decade traveling the world in a vehicle that doesn’t go over 40 miles per hour (something most of us would go mad doing for a weekend). Along the way they’ve eaten exotic foods, made many friends — and, oh yes, had four little kids.

MSNBC explains that the couple, Herman and Candelaria, got restless and started on an initial trip from South America to Alaska, which turned into subsequent trips to two dozen countries spanning over 145,000 miles. They started childless, but giving birth along the way — whether in Argentina or Canada — has become their modus operandi. Their car of choice, a 1928 Graham Paige, functions as a moving school for the children, ages 1 to 8, as well as a camper. And they fund the venture through selling art and a book about the early days of their adventure, while relying greatly on the kindness of strangers who are entranced by how fully the Zapps are living their hippie dream.

Indeed, few can rival the Zapps’ dedication: Traveling for 11 years shows an unbelievable commitment to seeing the world (even if, one assumes, they could have covered the same ground in half the time if their car could go as a fast as, say, a cheetah with a gimp leg).

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