Not So Free, Weezy: Lil Wayne Denied UK Visa, Cancels European Tour

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Lil Wayne performs during his "I Am Music" Tour

Getty Images

He may be free from jail, but Lil Wayne’s criminal history has forced him to cancel his upcoming European tour.

The rapper, who had one concrete performance scheduled and plans to appear at several summer festivals, will have to stay on this side of the pond for the indefinite future. The UK Border Agency refused his visa application, claiming his criminal record was such that they could not admit him. Last year, Weezy spent eight months in jail for weapon possession. He also has several drug charges on his records from the past few years.

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It may have kept him from touring Europe, but going to jail couldn’t have been better for Lil Wayne’s publicity. While he was behind bars, his fans rallied under a “Free Weezy” campaign. In a show of appreciation for his fans’ support, the rapper created a site called  “Weezy Thanx You” that he used to blog about his prison experiences. NewsFeed thinks it’s only a matter of time before fans coin another Weezy slogan that demands UK officials let him into the country.

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