Reading While Eating for April 8: Making Mischief

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Over fifty hot air balloons attempt the largest ever balloon crossing of the English Channel

Getty Images / Oli Scarff

Fighting and biting takes center stage in today’s links. Gear up for the weekend by taking a look at this week’s notorious troublemakers.

Fashion Feat: Mothers should think twice before criticizing their teens’ fashion choices. Baggy trousers saved this Florida teen’s life when an alligator attacked him. (AOL News)

Stark-naked SWAT Attack: A naked man with an AK-47 fired several shots at a SWAT team robot that police sent into his home. The man had threatened to shoot anyone who tried to enter the house–apparently that includes $65,000 robots as well. (MSNBC)

Circus Act: See some old-school lion tamers performing amazing feats. Is man’s best friend actually a cat? (LIFE)

Cash Cab: Ever wondered how much it costs to travel cross-country in a taxi? Just ask the Fresh Prince, who paid nearly $10,000. (College Humor)

War Zone: Check out this map of every war ever waged for the cheapest, briefest and broadest history lesson you’ve ever experienced. (Gizmodo)

Screen Sippers: Take a look at the Top 10 Sloppiest Movie Drunks. NewsFeed does not advise you to “try this at home”–but let us know if you do. (TIME)

Identity Theft: This lost four-year-old told the Iowa policeman who found him that his name was Reuben Spider-Man. But no felony charges here–Spider-man got a free happy meal and was returned to his family! (The Daily What)

Elvish Behavior: We all know Lord of the Rings fanatics who can speak elf, but now some can hear elf too. The latest craze in cosmetic surgery? Elfin ears. (Huffington Post)

Viral Video: If you tend to feel sleepy after lunch, this video won’t help stifle the yawns. But it’s still entertaining to watch someone who had to go to the ER because she couldn’t close her mouth after yawning. Just don’t let it happen to you! (MSNBC)