Risky Business: Charlie Sheen Checks Into Trump Hotel in NYC

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Charlie Sheen waves to fans as he leaves the Chicago Theatre, Sunday, April 3, 2011

Brian Kersey / AP

Given his propensity to trash New York hotels, we’re surprised Charlie’s not sleeping on a couch in Jersey.

Leave it to the Donald to hook a winner up. Sheen checked into the Trump International Hotel in New York’s Columbus Circle as he prepares for a Friday through Sunday trifecta of shows at New York’s Radio City Music Hall and a theater in Connecticut.

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Charlie surely didn’t even attempt a reservation at the Plaza Hotel, where he famously caused $7,000 worth of damage to his room after a booze- and drug-filled rampage in October.

But even in the metropolis of more than 250 hotels – and that only counts the number registered with the Hotel Association of New York City – it appeared Sheen might have had some trouble finding a bed in the Big Apple.

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The New York Post reported last week that a number of hotels had blacklisted Sheen from their reservation books. The Waldorf-Astoria and Trump SoHo reportedly would not be letting the warlock assassin through their doors.

Sheen’s luck in getting a room despite the purported ban proves that, as his tour promotes, “defeat is not an option.”

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