Not in Kansas Anymore: Twisters, Severe Storms Hit Midwest

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Imagine looking out your window and seeing this.

Residents in Midwest states experienced that this weekend as tornadoes blew through Iowa, Wisconsin and Minnesota. Destroying homes and snapping power lines, the storm left towns in rubble and disarray, but fortunately no deaths have been reported thus far.

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A 3/4 mile wide twister hit Iowa hardest Saturday night. Residents used ditches and basements as makeshift storm shelters, a move that likely saved them their lives, as the worst reported injury was a broken leg.

The storm continued Sunday night, hitting towns in Wisconsin with great severity. Golf-ball-sized hail and winds of up to 164 miles per hour destroyed homes and cars and sent several people to hospitals.

As residents all over the Midwest assess the extensive damage, they remain on guard for more storms and violent weather to come.

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