Aircraft Crash: Two Planes Collide on Tarmac at JFK Airport

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Is this a case of bullying on the runway? See amazing video of an airplane fender bender.

A tight squeeze while taxiing turned into quite a wreck Monday night at New York’s John F. Kennedy International Airport.

A super jumbo jet clipped a small commuter plane while taxiing Monday night. The Air France airbus was prepping for takeoff to Paris when its wing collided with the tail of a Comair commuter jet. The double-decker jumbo jet, whose wingspan measures a whopping 80 meters (262 feet), misjudged its taxiing space, driving its left wing into the tail of the other plane.

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The tiny Bombardier aircraft, run by Delta Connection, couldn’t hold its weight in the collision – it spun nearly 90 degrees as the Air France flight continued down the taxiway. The 62 passengers aboard the pint-sized plane had just arrived from Boston and were given quite a scare. But ABC News reports the pilots seemed more frustrated than fearful: “Roll emergency trucks,” the pilot of the Comair flight radioed. “We’ve been hit by — ugh — Air France.”

Fortunately the only damage was superficial, with no passengers sustaining injuries. But the 520 Paris-bound passengers had to return to the terminal while the clearly-damaged Airbus was taken out of commission.

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