London Authorities Say ‘I Don’t’ to Anti-Royal Wedding Party

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Michael Dunlea/Pool/Files/Reuters

Prince William and Kate Middleton

Maybe Will and Kate’s big day really irritates you. But no matter how flustered you are that the couple is getting special treatment, you won’t be able to hold your own en masse anti-royal wedding party on the same day the couple ties the knot.

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Originally, campaign group Republic was scheduled to hold their own fiesta in London’s Covent Garden. The “Not The Royal Wedding” party would have allowed the group to close off a street for the event. The local council have now changed their mind, revoking the group’s permit to hold it on the street and effectively canceling the event.

The group says the festivities were planned as an alternative, “peaceful, fun, family event” that doesn’t revolve around Prince William and Kate Middleton. Many parties will be held across the country on the big day in honor of their nuptials.

It is not clear why authorities have now revoked their decision. A council spokesman cited a lack of a “local connection” and concerns from the community and surrounding businesses.

Apparently, there was some apprehension that it would be a little weird to be having an anti-royal wedding party out on the street while vendors hawk their Will and Kate paraphernalia next door. But really, who doesn’t want a Will and Kate knitting kit?

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